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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Equipment Floor PreparationWater is a powerful force that can completely dominate your home or business, leaving you left to clean up extensive water damage and mold that can end up costing thousands of dollars.

Even if you are an attentive property owners that maintains your building throughout the year, there may still be a time where you require the help of professionals to make a full recovery.

911 Restoration Durham County is the company that you can depend on during these times. We are available 24/7/365 to assist you with whatever you may need, at any time you need it.

When you are experiencing a water-based emergency, we will send technicians to your property, guaranteeing that they will arrive within 45 minutes of receiving you call.

We work with some of the most well-trained and experienced experts in the industry, including IICRC certified professionals who knowledgeable in both residential and commercial property restoration.

Getting you the fast remediation services you need during a water disaster is our top priority. So, call our water damage restoration Durham specialists today and we will show you how to turn your water disaster into a fresh start.

Dealing With Flood Damage After A Hurricane

Water Damage Restoration Truck With Equipment In UseDurham has seen its fair share of hurricanes. With the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew and Irma, property owners know how important it is to prep their homes and business for the impact of these severe rainstorms.

The flooding that hurricanes can cause have the ability to be tremendous, especially if you have a basement. The water can seep into any cracks in the foundation and flood your property relatively quickly, damaging the structure and your possessions inside.

By storm-guarding your property you can greatly lessen the impact of these storms, saving you money in costly repair work after the storm has passed. Below are seven steps you can take to prep your property.

  • Strap down your roof with hurricane clips
  • Install head and foot bolts on exterior doors
  • Purchase or make storm shutters
  • Seal your windows and doors with caulking
  • Check that any structures attached to your property are secure
  • Install and test sump pumps
  • Make sure drains are clear and working

These steps will protect your property and your family during a hurricane. However, even the most well-maintained homes and businesses may still become water damaged during a storm.

If you need flood cleanup assistance, call our water damage restoration Durham specialists and we will get your property dry and clean again in no time.

Water Damage From An Insurance Perspective

Water Damage Restoration of Water Heater RoomYou may not think it will ever happen to you, but mother nature is unpredictable, ferocious, and has the ability to destroy your property within a matter of minutes.

Your property does not have to be located in a high risk flood zone to be exposed to major water damage. For this reason, you may want to consider purchasing a supplemental flood insurance policy.

Some property owners that have flood insurance may begin to wonder why they have been paying into a supplemental policy that they have never had to use. However, it is important to remember that it only takes one big flood to implement thousands of dollars of damage to your property.

You may be thinking that you have a standard policy that covers water damage, but if you read the details you will see that it most likely does not cover flooding caused by external circumstances, such as hurricanes and overflowing bodies of water.

By purchasing flood insurance you can be absolutely certain that you will be covered for water damage caused by any type of flooding. Our water damage restoration Durham professionals have worked with many different insurance providers over the years, so if you have any questions regarding your policy just give us a call today.

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